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About the Emotion Code

The Emotion Code® is a simple yet powerful energy healing system. In a session, we query, identify, & release you from the trapped negative emotions that depress your intrinsic higher vibrational state. Doing so liberates your systems from those suppressing energies, promoting your ability to balance, regulate, heal, & thrive…
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Potential Benefits

The life force energy that powers our manifested consciousness & physical bodies thrives on higher frequencies; our health & wellness depend on it! Eliminating the suppressing energies associated with trapped negative emotions can improve a variety of physical, mental, emotional, & life-related ailments, issues, & challenges…
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Highlighted FAQ

Q: Why are my dreams so vivid after a session?

A: Energy work can magnify & accelerate the regeneration & recalibration processes that occur while we sleep. Your systems (neurological, cardiovascular, hormone, etc.) may be adjusting themselves to a new normal…

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Free yourself from what holds you back! Emotion Code energy healing sessions can help you feel better, be better, & do better. Book a session now to elevate your life with the help of a certified practitioner. Your session will even include a report of your released trapped emotions!

Nurture Your Other

Like two sides of coin, our physical and energetic natures are intimately entwined. Top down to bottom up, mental/emotional to biological/cellular, and everything in between. The expressions of our being-ness exist in an interdependent and interconnected dance that we have the power to control by elevating our energy. Simply, we promote the optimal expression of our physical being when we liberate our fundamental energetic being from that which suppresses it, and vice-versa. The health of one inherently effects the other, for good or bad.

Soul and body, I suggest, react sympathetically upon each other.   Aristotle

Our Emotional Experiences

Emotions profoundly affect the quality of our life. Our experience of low frequency emotions — like fear and anger — feel very different from our experience of high frequency emotions — like love and gratitude. The latter creates the powerful brain and heart coherence that regulates our nervous system, creates balance, and allows our body to heal. Feeling bad does the opposite, and thereby significantly impacts our body, mind, and spirit.

High or low, our felt emotional responses are important. They’re the feedback that informs our life experiences, affirms our human existence, and guides our spiritual evolution. So what happens when suppressing energies are embedded into our human experience as trapped negative emotions? Simply, we carry them and their influence with us to the detriment of our health and happiness.

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So what happens when suppressing energies are embedded into our human experience as trapped negative emotions? Simply, we carry them and their influence with us to the detriment of our health and happiness.

Be Free From That Which Binds

In an Emotion Code energy healing session, the suppressing energies that are associated with your trapped negative emotions are queried, identified, and released one by one, layer by layer. Doing so frees your body, mind, and spirit from those stifling attachments, which:

  • Promotes your optimal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness
  • Reduces triggering and the reinforcement of dysfunctional thought, response, and behavior patterns
  • Allows you to more easily attain and sustain higher frequency emotions like love and gratitude
  • Expands and improves the quality of the vibes that you share with the world

The life force energy that powers us thrives on higher frequencies; our health and vitality depend on it! The higher we vibe, the better we work. That’s how the Emotion Code can potentially improve your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and life-related ailments, issues, and challenges.

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Session Options

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Custom Focus

Choose one or two physical, mental, emotional, or life-related issues or challenges.

higher self directed energy healing

Wise Tune-Up

Allow your being direct the clearing work to whatever & wherever it’s most needed to serve your highest good.

energy healing for your heart heart-wall emotion code

Expansive Heart

Clear your entire heart center from your clavicle to the top of your abdomen in the front, into your upper back & thoracic spine in the back, & everything in between.

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Core Alignment

Liberate, tune, & align your 7 core energy centers & the structures, systems, glands, organs, & neural network associated with each.

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Potential Benefits

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  • Intuitive Gifts & Advanced Expertise

    It’s my privilege to assist you in your healing, elevation, and ascension journey. My unique background and knowledge, clairsentient and claircognizant gifts, practical approach, and extensive Emotion Code system and client experience are at your service!

  • Philosophy & Approach

    Concerned About Alignment?

    Choosing a distance energy healer can be an arduous task. For elevating work such as this, it’s important that your healing partner is aligned with your values, beliefs, and communication style. To get a sense of who I am and how I approach this wholehearted work, please see my Blog, client reviews, and FAQs.

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    If you have questions about the Emotion Code and how it can benefit you, please contact me using the form on the Contact page. Everything is energy, and through the powerful combination of our attention and healing intention, I believe we can accomplish amazing things!