Free yourself from what holds you back! Emotion Code® energy healing sessions can help you feel better, be better, and do better. Multiple session types (Custom Focus, Wise Tune-Up, Elevated Heart, and Core Alignment; see Sessions) are available to meet your healing, elevation, and ascension needs. Request an email session now to improve your life with an experienced certified practitioner with a Science degree and IICT accreditation. Your session will even include a report of your released trapped emotions!

For more information about the Emotion Code and its benefits, please see the About, Benefits, and FAQs pages. For information about the distance healing sessions offered to customize and accelerate your healing, elevation, and ascension journey, see the Sessions page. For more information about my expertise, disposition, and approach, see the FAQs, Praise, and Blog pages. If you have questions, please contact me via the Contact page.

Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.   Tim Fargo

Sessions & Discount Package

Emotion Code Email Session

  • 30-minute Emotion Code email session
  • Multiple session options (see Sessions)
  • Learn pre & post-session severity, health, or progress ratings
  • Eliminate up to 20 trapped emotions
  • Learn about your post-session processing period
  • Receive a session report by email within 2 business days

$50 US

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Discounted 3-Session Package

  • Personalized digital voucher code good for 3 Emotion Code 30-minute email sessions
  • Activated code will be displayed on-screen & sent by email immediately after purchase
  • Sessions can thereafter be requested at will using your code for the next year

$120 US